September 17, 2011

First day on the road. Didnt leave until about one due to inevitable last minute delays, so much for an 8 am departure. Courtney, Sebastian, Miles, and Jampel rode the first five miles to see us off, through some pretty rough terrain, as we rode through the tornado damage from May’s tornado. After that it was smooth sailing, apart from the tearful goodbyes. In Champlin, the baseball moms gave us almond pound cake and cookies which we ate out in farm country. We bought a medley of chef boyardi cans that we mixed up with some chili, green pepper, and pepper flakes for a pretty hearty dinner. We camped behind the Dalbo fire house, a nice campsite but overly burr-y. Tomorrow we start on the Northern Tier bike route, so no more navigating from a handwritten list of turns.
So far it’s been great, no mishaps besides a salamander shooting poisonous milk on Joe.  I realized I left a load of laundry in the dryer, which includes a shirt and shorts I’d been planning on bringing, so I’ve just got one of each of those now. This doesn’t really feel like anything special yet, it’s hard to believe I’ll be doing it for another year and 17000 miles. Hasn’t sunk in yet I guess.

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