September 18, 2011

Woke up around 8, spent an hour and a half packing and deburring. I got the flag flying again on my flag pole, but I can’t wait to get a better flag. We biked 20 miles to Milaca, then ate a hearty lunch of bologna and ham sandwiches in the grocery store, with free lettuce and tomatoes from Totti. Rained or misted all day, leading to frequent clothing changes. While I tried to tell myself that I didn’t really mind the rain, it made taking breaks much more appealing. We ended up making just over 60 miles again, to just past Royalston, in a pay (though we haven’t yet) campsite on the banks of the Mississippi. Now that we’re on the Northern Tier bicycle route, seeing cross country cyclists has become old hat for people we meet. We were asked which coast we were biking to and Keith said, “The East coast. Well, San Diego.” Realizing his mistake and trying to avoid embarrassment, he switched to an Aussie accent and said, “I’m from down undah mate!”
For dinner we cooked a pound of pasta, poured the water out, added crushed tomatoes, garlic and red pepper flakes. Super easy meal, and pretty good eating too. So good we did it again immediately. I think we will refine this method as we go, possibly adding veggies to cook in the water…. Joe had two broken spokes today, luckily they were both non-driveside and he had spares, so we could replace them easily, but it brings up long term concerns. Hopefully it doesn’t happen often. My achilles tendon is starting to give warning signs, but no pain. I’ll be more diligent with my stretches and hopefully it’ll clear up.  Tomorrow’s forecast calls for a beautiful day, so we’re hoping for a nice long ride.

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1 Response to September 18, 2011

  1. Caitlin says:

    so THAT’S where all the red pepper flakes went 😉

    miss you guys! bike safe!

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