September 19, 2011

Great day. Got a late start because we waited for our things to gain some semblance of dryness before packing them away, but the Mississippi looked great with the early morning fog. Our first stop was in a little Polish town, Sobieski. Then we pushed on to Swanville where we bought groceries, which were sandwiches for lunch again, along with beans and hot dogs for dinner. The trees are starting to turn, and the ride has become quite beautiful. I hope we get to see more of fall before we hit the treeless zone we’re heading into.
We made it to Parker’s Prairie, rounding out 70 miles for the day. Our maps promised a campsite, but the locals told us it was 10 miles off our course, so we camped in the city park instead. We were assured by some local youths that the police would give us no trouble, as tonight was Jerry’s night, and he hardly checks the park at all, and not til one. This came after they regaled us with tales off how many cigarettes they smoke, and how they escape the health effects of cigarettes by swallowing juice from chewing tobacco, which causes them to cough up the tar from their lungs… At least they seem to have the local constabulary’s routine down pat.
That’s all for tonight, as I’m hoping to actually make some progress in Walden. I think I’ve written more pages then I’ve read so far.

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