September 21, 2011

It rained heavily over the night, and our sleeping bags were plenty comfortable, so we didn’t get on the road for some time. Yesterday seemed windy but today put it to shame.  We have no way to measure, but we were told it reached 40 mph.  It was blowing pretty directly from Fargo, which was our destination for the day.  This translated into a 7 mph crawl up and down the rolling hills of western Minnesota, with a misting rain to sweeten the pot.  I bought a couple dog collars as a temporary solution to my poncho/parachute problem (I clip them together and use them as a belt), but my billowing red poncho and bright blue rainpants still draw frequent superhero comparisons.  Around 6 we rolled into Hawley, and a short rest turned into an hour and a half, as nobody really wanted to face the frigid conditions again.  Once on the road, we found Joe had broken two more spokes, delaying progress further.  By the time we actually got going, the wind had died down, and we pumped out the last 25 miles in record time. We had a friendly home waiting for us in Fargo in Tom’s girlfriend’s family’s house, which enabled us to bike far past dark. Tom popped a tire just a few blocks from our destination, so we hobbled in.  We all have things to buy or fix tomorrow, so we will take a rest day and recoop in comfort.

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2 Responses to September 21, 2011

  1. Susan White says:

    Man, you guys are really making great time. Have Coop take care of his Achilles, OK? Think he will need it for the next 17,000 miles… Love to All Susan

  2. Simon says:

    Keep it up bro, I’ll keep reading this everyday! I am sad I didn’t see you off, but I’ll definitely fly down there to see you guys at some check point. Still hard to believe you are doing 17,000 miles!

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