Farwell Cheddarboy

On the morning of September 30th Keith Kopatz said little and kept his eyes mostly on the ground. He seemed to be deep in thought, but I paid little attention to it, at the time as I was busy packing. Just as we were about ready to head out, he approached me to say that he was leaving that morning. He was going to take the Amtrak to the west coast and bike from there down to San Diego. needless to say we were all a bit surprised. We, the remaining moist boys, can only speculate as to the real reason he struck out on his own. Maybe the vicious headwinds and heavy semi traffic of western North Dakota broke his spirit, maybe he wanted to get home earlier, but I am obliged to take him at his word, “I’ve seen Glacier, I’ve seen Yosemite, I just want to ride my bike in some nice weather.”

All we can say is: god speed Cheddarboy and may all winds be at your back. You will be missed.


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