January 11, 2011

La Paz, Baja Sur.

Today we arrived in La Paz, completing our cycling in the Baja Peninsula. Leaving Loreto, we had a nice ride along the Sea of Cortez, with an imposing mountain ridge close on our right, then a long but gratifying climb as the road turned inland, featuring crazy loopy switchbacks and breathtaking views – though we were short of breath to begin with.  Once we´d reached the top, though, the ride turned into something of a slog.  The pressure of a deadline, albeit an easy deadline to meet, together with an almost constant wind, made the ride a chore.  For me, the most frustrating thing about the wind is not the effect it has on my speed, but rather the constant roar and whistle in my ears.  To make matters worse, the scenery offered nothing new, nothing we haven´t ridden through for hundreds of miles.

Recent nights have offered some compensation.  The stars have been nothing special, largely because they are obscured by the almost-full moon, but it´s been interesting to keep track of the changing phase of the moon.  On top of that, we´ve been treated to watching the moon rise in a blaze of color the last couple nights, a beautiful spectacle.

We are now in the apartment of Susanna and Peter, our couchsurfing hosts.  Last night we camped just 20 miles from La Paz, so we had an easy ride in today.  Tomorrow we´ve got a couple errands, then hopefully we can enjoy the beach for a few hours, something we haven´t done enough of.  The ferry is at 6 pm, and it´s an 18 hour ride to Mazatlan, from whence we will venture south once more, though we´ve still got to figure out the details of our route – a work in progress.

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1 Response to January 11, 2011

  1. Susan White says:

    Hey, Where are you two headed? El Norte’? Love, Susan

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