May 13th, 2012

Jeez where is the time going?! Half way through May, and 8 months on the road!

I originally planned on spending little more than the night at Maya Pedal, and now, three weeks later, I am finally setting off again.  At first I stayed because it seemed like they needed the help, but other reasons soon took over.  Most of my time was spent fixing up bikes donated by various North American organizations, which we would then sell to cover expenses and enable us to make the bicimaquinas (bike machines) that are the main purpose of Maya Pedal.  I got to work on all sorts of different bikes, and every one of them had its own little problem that made it unique.  In the meantime, we ate amazingly well, all the volunteers are great cooks and we can get fresh produce just down the hill from the workshop.  Spanish omelet, falafel, pasta with sauce made from fresh tomatoes, cilantro pesto … it’ll be hard to go back to cooking with a single pot.

The volunteers are worked pretty hard, morning to night monday to friday then again sunday morning, but we got to squeeze some awesome side trips in anyway.  The first was a day trip to the beach, almost 70 miles away but all downhill, an amazing ride, though the jump in temperature once we got to the lowlands was shocking.  Last weekend we rode to Volcan Pacaya and hiked it, camping on the way in beautiful remote farmland.

This has been the most like home I’ve felt since I left Minneapolis, there is a great communal spirit among the volunteers, and they are all wonderful people.  While I really appreciate the various people I have stayed with over the trip, I was always staying as a guest, no matter how hard they tried to make me feel that their home was my home. But at Maya Pedal, I was an equal among the volunteers, and it was gratifying to work along side the rest, doing what I could to contribute.

Tomorrow I set sail once more, with my sights set on El Salvador, a scant 3-4 days away. I’ve already sampled the oppressive heat of the lowlands, so the plan for now is to jet through towards Colombia.


I posted pictures, and the SPOT oughta be working again tomorrow night.

Thanks for reading!

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1 Response to May 13th, 2012

  1. MomLady says:

    Christopher believes he is hitting some “black out” areas which are preventing SPOT from registering his location. He said he is nearly out of El Salvador but we can all see that since he was able to register today.(5/21) I hope those black out areas would register an emergency call….

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