One of the most remarkable things about our trip has been the kindness of generosity of the people who have helped us along our way, from family members to complete strangers.  I include this mostly to help myself remember these people: we cannot thank them enough.

Thanks to (in roughly chronological order):

The McComb’s in Fargo, who put us up for two nights, drove us around town to help us run errands, and managed to supply enough food for all five of us.  Their help was especially timely, as we had just come off a rough couple days in MN and were as yet not hardened by the road.

Bill and Linda Pepper in Libby, MT.  Cooper met Bill in the grocery store, and he (Bill) quickly invited us to sleep at his house, keeping us from a cold night. Linda had made a delicious squash stew, and Bill regaled us with stories of his outdoor adventures.

James from the bike shop in Clark Fork, ID, who did a bang-up job fixing Tom’s and Joe’s bikes, and refused any money for labor.

Jerry, who we met at the Barter Faire, and who shared his fire, his beer, his food, and his wisdom.

Digger and Sneezer in Arlington, WA, who we met through our terrible but soulful karaoke. They entertained us, housed us, and made a fantastic omelet in the morning.

The Freezy Nights program in Puyallup, WA.  We had been kicked out of the local park, and they took us in, fed us, shaved Joe and gave Tom a haircut. It is an amazing program run by amazing people.

Bob and Rhonda, who we met through our bar trick and let us camp in their yard in Rainier, OR, when we had nowhere else to go.  Rhonda also filled us with all sorts of food before we left.

Tyler, Joe’s old college roommate, who let us crash at his house in Portland for a night, and brought home pizza and beer for us, all that we could want.

Box and Janis, who took us in in Portland, allowing us to extend our stay another night.  They had all manner of leftovers that we were glad to eat.

Amity, the bartender in Port Orford, who let us sleep in the basement of her haunted house.  Spooky surroundings, but shelter from the rain and a good night’s sleep.

Tracy, for organizing the Orick Thanksgiving dinner and loading us with leftovers, and for introducing us to…

John and Brenda, who put us up for the night and fed us in Arcata, CA (on my birthday).

Suzanne, for taking us all out to a delicious Italian restaurant in San Francisco, and for relaying my new bike light to me.

Tim and Susan, from whose house I write this, in Palo Alto. They have been extremely welcoming, and fed us enormously last night and this morning.  No offense to any of the aforementioned, but Tim’s cooking has been the best.

Patrick, another of Joe’s college roommates, who put us up for two nights and showed us around, despite it’s being finals weeks.

John, with whom we spent tow nights in Pacific Grove, allowing us to prolong our lazy streak.

David, from San Luis Obispo. He put us up on his beautiful piece of land in the foothills and even had Prairie Home Companion playing upon our arrival. He also sent us off with some of the best, home grown, oranges and tangerines any of us had ever tasted.

Steve and Linda, who let us stay in their guest room in LA when there was nowhere else to camp. Great burrito dinner, too.

Marty in San Diego, who gave us two nights’ shelter as we prepare for the next phase of our journey, South of the border.

I am sure I have forgotten many people who deserve our thanks, and in any case this mere mentioning of their names is nowhere near enough to repay their kindness.  I am sure this list will continue to grow as the trip goes on.

3 Responses to Acknowledgements

  1. Mary T Johnson says:

    This is very nice. You make us parents proud.

  2. Mary T Johnson says:

    I must get Box’s recipe for scrambled eggs.

  3. Chedwick & Sons says:

    How about soccer moms with almond cake??

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