Photo Gallery

These are the photos from our trip, sorted as best we can.



North Dakota




Baja and Baja Sur

Los Mochis


Durango and Zacatecas

Jalisco and Michoacan

Mexico City

Puebla and Oaxaca


Guatemala to Lake Atitlan

Orange Fight!

Semuc Champey and Maya Pedal

El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua

Ometepe, Costa Rica, Panama

San Blas to Cartagena



3 Responses to Photo Gallery

  1. Juan F. Hernández Galindo says:

    Hi guys. Do you know who am I? Jaime’s cousin, my and my friend the mechanic were in Potosi last weekend, and belive it or not, it was great to meet you and to know you in that little town were I grew up and were I comeback to visit relatives and to visit my parent’s house though they don’t live there now.
    I never imagined that I was going to need or to use my poor English for talking to some foreign person in this case you. Chris and Cooper, I have seen the content of your site and it’s amazing. I would like that you came to visit México City, you got my adress and phone, if you can, I woud like to be in contact by E-mail or Facebook. Keep going, and good look.

  2. Charles Geach says:

    Hi lads

    With so many categories of photographs, I find it difficult to get to the most recent ( the dropdown extends below the bottom of the screen. Or am I just being stupid?


    • admin says:

      For me at least, I can move the cursor over the Photo Gallery header, so the dropdown appears, then I can just scroll down to the one I want.
      Let me know if that doesn’t work, I’ll think of something.

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