If anyone is considering embarking on a trip like this (or is just curious), feel free to post questions here and we’ll do our best to answer them.  We owe a lot to those who have gone before us and answered our questions, so it’s only right that we pass on the favor.

4 Responses to Questions?

  1. Paul Harstad says:

    Been through Chile and Argentina, met Cooper up at Will Steger’s place last summer, I think it was his last weekend there (my first). Keep it up guys. You have a way for us guests to post? Definitely not about the end zone ~~ it’s the game on the way there. Ushuai is an idea…

    Not sure if this link will work. Google Maps. Minneapolis to Mazatlan to Creel: about 4,000 miles. Then to Acapulco, 6,000. Panama City, 8,000… You are on a good journey. Keep up the riding and the writing.

  2. Rosa María Miki says:

    Hi Chris and Cooper:
    I’m Rosa, we met at Morelia playing ultimate frisbee. I might be going next weekend (March 10-11) to Mexico City, if you guys are still there I would love to hang out.
    Spring break is coming up and I don’t really have plans, I was wondering if I could catch up wherever you’re and for a week or so travel/ride with you… I know it’s pretty sudden, and I would most likely slow you down but I would really love to do it. Also, want to know if you would be open for more people to join you for a bit of the trip, I know friends who might be thrilled.

    Chat about it and I’m okay with whatever you decide.
    Thanks! Have a nice trip! A big hug, Rosa M.

  3. Steve Clarke says:

    Hi, I saw the link to your website on

    I am an English guy who has lived in Cali, Colombia for the last 10 years. I’m thinking of doing a tour similar to yours starting maybe October next year, maybe down to Buenos Aires.

    I don’t have much cycling experience so I would be really interested to meet you guys to get some tips. You are welcome to stay round my house for a few days and I can show you a bit of Cali (I live with my wife and have a spare room).

    Good luck with your travels!

  4. Jano Mendoza says:

    Hi guys, I do not where you are, but we are a group of Mexicans and French bikers. We just made Central America with our bicycles some months ago. We have the itinerary and some camping contacts, in case you need them contact us. We covered the Mexican south, Belize and Guatemala. Good luck with your trip.
    Jano Mendoza

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